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Lakota Beliefs
Lakota Prayer
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          The Lakota are a Native American tribe, also known as the Sioux. The Lakota are part of a band of seven tribes that speak three different DIALECTS the other two being the Dakota and Nakota. The Lakota are the Western most of the three groups, occupying lands in both North and South Dakota, and Canada.

          The Lakota [lakxo'ta] came from the western Dakota of Minnesota who, after the adoption of the horse, became part of the Great Plains Culture with their Minnesota Algonkin-speaking allies, the Tsitsistas, living in the northern Great Plains, which centered on the buffalo hunt with the horse. There were twenty thousand Lakota in the mid-18th century. The number has now increased to about seventy thousand. About twenty thousand, four hundred and eighty still speak their ancestral language.

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